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By the time he was 30 years old, JDew had entertained and empowered over three million people at live events through speaking, sports entertainment and the stage. His talents and capabilities are most evident in his adaptability to what kind of event he’s hosting, from baseball games to VIP galas, and his flexibility in what services he can provide, from behind-the-scenes brainstorming and promotion to emceeing and handling the spotlight like there’s nothing to it.

For ten years JDew was the Director of Fun for a minor-league affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, and was the on-court hype-man for Clemson University Men’s and Women’s basketball through 2022. In 2011, he began touring theatre experiences to many day school and higher education platforms with “One Voice: A Black History Narrative". In addition to those experiences, JDew is perennially on the mic at many corporate and civic fundraisers and galas. JDew (or Jeremiah, according to his birth certificate) lives in Greenville, S.C. with his wife Sydney, and their four young children. Follow him socially at @itsJDew.