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North American Headquarters

Michelin North America and JDew have had a special two-part bond over the years. First, partnering with the Community Relations department, JDew has emceed for Michelin’s associate day with the Special Olympics in recent years. Four hundred employee volunteers have taken to the fields of Furman University to assist in the athletic events for the youth in the spring, and JDew gets the volunteers loose, limbered, and laughing before the starting gun. Michelin and JDew have created games, obstacle courses, and other contests to make the day mega-memorable for their corporate team.

They Love to Play:

  • Tug-O-War
  • Relay Races (sack, three-legged, etc)
  • Dizzy Bat Race
  • Other Team-building Events

Second, Michelin’s “Challenge Education” program, along with Michelin North America’s Diversity department have sponsored Dew Productions, LLC, “One Voice: A Black History Narrative” stage program for their corporate campuses and area public schools. Both in 2011 and 2017, Michelin stepped up to highlight their community, diversity, and history with JDew’s African-American one-man narrative show. Here’s what their leadership had to say:

“What an amazing performance!!”… was the reaction from Michelin employees who attended One Voice:  A Black History Narrative.  During Black History Month, Michelin partnered with JDew to share this remarkable performance with Upstate Michelin Challenge Education schools. At each school,  students and staff watched your performance in complete silence, captivated by your vivid description of history.  Your amazing ability to recite the life and speeches of Black History leaders is phenomenal.  It was humbling and inspiring to hear the "Voices" of so many who sacrificed so much so that the path would be easier for those of us in the next generation.

Thank you J Dew!!

Santora H. Bowling, Community Relations Manager

Michelin North America, Inc.