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Raise Craze

Fundraising Through Kindness

Since 2014, JDew has partnered with Raise Craze and their schools for fundraising kick-off events across the Upstate of South Carolina. Whether it’s a private school looking for funds for team uniforms, a public elementary school whose playground equipment is in need of an upgrade, or a middle school that’s looking to purchase new tablets for their media center, schools have to fundraise! The system of Raise Craze is through online donations and pledging, and any adolescent army needs some fun to get them in motion! Enter JDew. Prior to letting the students loose for a few weeks of “Acts of Kindness,” JDew takes the mic and info-tains the group into action! This program is typically under 60-minutes and often occurs more than once per school day during the kickoff.

Raise Craze has a unique take on fundraising - because there is no product sold. (Learn more on their website)